Groove Guild

Apple iMac Pro-Erin Sarofsky

Original, Sound Design, Mix

Mass Mutual "Two Ways"

Original, Sound Design

Mio Garden VR Experience

Original, Sound Design

Original Music & Sound Design

We engage composers, music houses, famous artists, bands and more to do whatever is creatively best for your project.

Supervision & Licensing

We provide music supervision services that range from stock to the most famous songs imaginable.

Agency Music Production

Need a music producer? We provide a simple solution for agencies to engage us as their agency music producers.

Strategy & Branding

We bring our years of experience to provide you with the best sonic strategy and branding.


We handle all the messy work of contracts, vendor payments, insurance coverage, union contracting or talent release forms.

Recording & Mixing

We provide audio editing, voice over recording, and mixing services as well.

Brands & Clients

  • Wieden+Kennedy
  • FCB WEst
  • Trident
  • Bacardi
  • JohannesLeonardo
  • DDB
  • JohannesLeonardo
  • Coke
  • HBO
  • FCB
  • FCB
  • FCB
  • FCB
  • FCB
  • FCB