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About Us

The Right Music Changes Everything 

We are a group of composers and supervisors who create and curate music and sound. In addition to in-house talent, we work with prominent composers, bands, publishers, labels and music houses to source the right music for projects of any scale. We are located in the heart of New York City with facilities to accommodate a wide range of music recording and mixing projects - from large scale orchestral and band recording sessions to voice-over and final mix.

Original Music & Sound Design

Collectively, our team has been composing original music and producing sound design for fortune 500 companies for many years.

Supervision & Licensing

We provide music supervision services that range from stock music searches to negotiating the most famous songs imaginable for our clients.

Agency Music Production

Need a music producer? We provide a simple solution for agencies to engage us as their agency music producers -- providing music strategy and directional guidance.

Strategy & Branding

We bring our years of experience to provide you with the best sonic strategy and branding.


We handle all the messy work of contracts, vendor payments, insurance coverage, union contracting or talent release forms.

Audio Post

We provide audio editing, voice over recording, large and small ensemble recording and broadcast mixing services as well.

Meet our Team

Al Risi
Paul Riggio
Janice Brown
Jon Notar
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